Cat realizes he’s a cat

cat: *becomes self aware*

Ayrs Cousland unites the people of Ferelden behind him to fight the Blight and face the future by arranging the marriage of Anora and Alistair. He spared Loghain in an attempt to bolster the ranks of the Wardens but lost Alistair’s allegiance by doing so (boo Alistair!). After slaying the archdemon, he journeys to Amaranthine to serve the realm, though he would rather follow his heart to find Morrigan.

Eventually his deeds will lead to my next DA2 playthrough, for the fanatically pro-Templar mage, Malicineve.


Shout out to all of the oldest children…who were used as the tester kids and now watch their younger siblings get away with shit you would have been killed for.. Justice will never be restored.

video game female characters meme:
a side character ► bethany hawke

I’ve noticed that whenever I get an email from one of the groups I’m auditing that begins with “It’s funny…” or something like that, the subject matter is never, ever, actually funny.

Revan should convince Satele to join his side. This would provide some awesome story drama. Plus, Satele would become a boss later on that you’d have to kill. Imp players have been wanting her to die ever since they lost Malgus.


Some guy on the swtor forum


I’m Elara Dorne, sir. Sergeant, first class, commander of Search and Rescue Squad 204.

Reasons to Love Elara Dorne, Part 1/?

Ah yes, look at how cold and rule following she is. She doesn’t care about those soldiers at all. And it isn’t like she just talked back to her CO or anything because he wasn’t speaking up on the issue. Nope, she just follows the rules all day long like a heartless machine.

Inspired by my second trooper playthrough, which I mainly am doing because of her anyways, and many of the conversations I have had about her mischaracterization. Like how can some people so completely miss the point?

I absolutely detest “Elara is obsessed with rules” type posts because they’re such a complete misreading/misunderstanding of her character. People who say that seem to think Elara is all about rules seem to forget that the entire reason she’s a Republic companion is because she refused to sit by and allow immoral actions to occur on her watch and feared she would be ordered to take part. 

Or, to put it another way, it’s like people think that following the rules is Elara’s end goal when it’s made clear over and over again in the story that she values the rules not as ends in themselves but rather as means to achieve the ethical/moral outcome she wants. She’s driven by the desire to do what’s right, not ‘what the rules say’, and is the most moral/ethical companion (possibly character) in the game.

I just find it frustrating because it’s not like identifying Elara’s characterization is hard -  it's not exactly rocket science to see that Elara approves of /prioritizes doing the right/moral thing over what orders or rules say when they conflict (especially when some of her approval gains for taking a moral stand are huge). Despite that, some people seem to completely miss it and I don’t understand why.

Is it because there’s an aversion to rules/procedures in general, or characters that are ‘killjoys’ and don’t just go along with whatever the player character does? Is it because she’s serious and professional (at least at first, before she knows the trooper better) instead of the”cool”/snarky character that regularly populates Bioware games? Is it because you have to actually go through her conversations and listen to what she says to understand her (i.e. that she’s actually a really sweet/warm person but is understandably somewhat shy/reserved)?

I don’t get it.


I found a real angry bird today


Very short SWTOR 3.0 teaser (spoilers if you haven’t completed the latest flashpoint I guess)


Fave Films: Airplane! (1980)